The Little Theatre of Alexandria is a 501c(3) organization. While we are able to cover our operating expenses by the income generated by our productions, we rely on the tax-exempt donations of individuals and groups to help us improve our building and purchase vital technical equipment. Donors are thanked by name in our playbills according to giving categories:

Founding Fathers - $1,000 and above
Continental Congress - $500 to $999
Patriots - $250-$499
Alexandrians - $100-$249
Minutemen - $50-$99
Colonists - $25-$49

LTA Annual Donation Drive

The theatre is currently asking for financial help to address our ongoing commitment to comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements; to make improvements to our technical components related to staged presentations, such as upgraded lighting and sound systems, development of new theatre-related projection systems, and other technical components; and ongoing support for our educational programs.

To make a donation, call the Business Manager at 703-683-5778 x2 or download the donor form HERE and mail with your check.

Planning Your Gift

Have you considered including The Little Theatre of Alexandria as a beneficiary of your estate? The Little Theatre can suggest tools that will assist you in making plans that will support the artistic and education programs of The Little Theatre in the future, as well as provide your estate with tax benefits. Supporters of The Little Theatre who make planned gifts are invited to be members of The LTA Legacy Society. The LTA Legacy Society recognizes those who have demonstrated their concern for the long-term well-being of The Little Theatre of Alexandria by notifying us of their bequest intention or other planned gift.

Donations & Theatre Loans

LTA is happy to loan our properties to neighboring theaters. To sign out, return, or donate items, you must contact and make an appointment with a particular Department Chairman in order to visit the Props, Costume, or Wigs Closet, or the Off-Site Storage Areas. For information regarding LTA's loan policies and to request access to any of these areas, please contact one of the appropriate Chairmen listed below. Please be advised: some items may require a security deposit which will be forfeited for damage or loss.  We ask that you return your borrowed items no later than 7 days after your closing performance date. 

GENERAL NOTES:  NO ITEM may be altered in any way without written permission from an LTA Properties Chairman. Costumes are to be dry-cleaned or laundered prior to their return to The Closet regardless of whether or not they were worn on stage. Wigs are to be appropriately cleaned as well. Organizations are required to supply their own personnel and vehicles to select, transport, and return all items to their appointed storage spaces. Damaged or lost items will result in possible fines or suspension of borrowing privileges. Weapons are NOT loaned to high school or children's theater productions and are loaned only to productions in which all actors and crew are 18 years of age and older. Again, for specific policies in a particular department, please contact one of our Chairmen.

Department Chairmen

Costume Closet: Annie Vroom at or

Off-Site Storage: Judy Kee at 703.360.3022 or or

Properties Closet: Bobbie Herbst at or Nicole Zuchetto at

Wigs: Susan Boyd at / 703-973-4333 or Ashley Amidon at / 571-814-8975

For additional information or to inquire about other donation options, contact Virginia Lacey at (703) 683-5778, ex. 2.